Mission Statement

The Tracy Adult School is dedicated to the provision of continuing education for adults in the Community of Tracy. It is devoted to the continued development of the physical well-being, cultural and social mores and values that constitute our American society. The Tracy Adult School is also  committed to the development of higher level skills and technology to better equip our adult citizens to meet the rigorous demands of day-to-day living in a rapidly developing and changing modern world. Continued growth and program improvement are twin goals for the Tracy Adult School. To accomplish these goals, the school will respond to community needs as expressed by the residents of the area. Community involvement in the development of educational programs is a vital part of the operation. To insure this involvement, the Tracy Adult School is committed to a policy of cooperation and communication. Staff members’ experience and abilities are at the core of this program. Through their efforts and through the involvement of the community, Tracy Adult School continues to develop as a positive educational entity.​